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A Fully Integrated, Virtual Veterinary Service, Designed With Clinical Professionals To Offer The Highest Standard Of Online Care For Your Animals

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A Whole New World of Pet Care.+

Our mission is to provide a safe, online consultation service, managed by veterinary professionals, to assist you in providing the highest standards of care to your pet. Our aim is to offer assistance to as many animals as possible globally as soon as the animal needs it, there are limitations involved with telemedicine which we have considered, but what we can always do, is offer you, as a pet owner the best possible course of action for any given situation. If we can conclude your pet's care online we will, if you are waiting for a physical examination and your pet is in any discomfort, our professionals will be available to offer advice on how best to manage the comfort of your pet until you are able to get into your local practice.

The idea for the first VetLink phase was born during the first lockdown, the system was primitive but functional. The need for pet owners to be able to access veterinary care away from practice was exposed very early on in the pandemic, a large number of veterinary professionals were unable to work meaning mounting numbers of unseen cases. The need to innovate was clear, with a little development and clever use of a phone system or two coupled with the knowledge of one particularly brilliant clinical professional, we were successfully able to connect veterinary professionals with pet owners and veterinary colleagues, around the world. With the collaboration of experience, we have been able to provide a service that has been able to offer lifesaving veterinary advice from UK professionals to pet owners as far afield as Africa. Once the potential was realised and we could see the reach and the benefit this system holds for animal welfare globally, we went back to the drawing board. 2 years of research and development later, we have the most innovative, multi-functional, platform-based, veterinary specific, professional network available online. Enabling veterinary professionals globally to utilise their expertise by creating a safe and secure space where pet owners can access the necessary veterinary care they need for their animals, whenever they should need it.


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