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Going back to Work?/

New Cat?/

Cats are very sensitive to change so any changes in the routine should happen over a few weeks and be very gradual. It is not recommended you change their food/water bowls or diet as this can cause food aversions creating inappetence in your cat. Please consult your veterinarian on advice over diet change.

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New Dog?/

Many of us are easing back into work-life so we should also be easing our pets back into our work routine. Sudden changes to a dog’s routine can create anxiety and frustration, which sometimes will not end well for your carpet or sofa! This sort of behaviour is easily preventable, gradually change the timings of your dog’s routine to the way they will eventually be. This includes walking, feeding and attention from members of the household. Click below to read the full guide…

New puppy or kitten?/

So first things first it’s really important to keep your puppy socialised. It’s not easy at the moment to meet other dogs but the following might help keep their brains ticking:

1. Play different sounds to them via any device. Traffic especially sirens, dog barks, other animal noises, and any other outside noises your pups might not be experiencing in real life while we are staying at home more. Click below to read the full guide…

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